Turnbull Too Weak To Confront Trump On Trade

Malcolm Turnbull’s failure to raise the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) with Donald Trump in their conversation yesterday is more embarrassing proof of his weak economic leadership.

Last week after Donald Trump signed an Executive Order withdrawing the United States from the TPP, Malcolm Turnbull went on an unhinged rant saying that Donald Trump could change his mind and attacking Labor for saying the agreement signed last year was dead.

However, over the past week, it seems Malcolm Turnbull has changed his mind.

On Australia Day, when asked about the United States’ changing its position on the TPP, he said:

I don’t think that’s likely in the foreseeable future.

Malcolm Turnbull, Doorstop, 26 January 2017.

By Saturday he said he always expected Donald Trump to withdraw from the TPP:

“President Trump’s position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership was very well known. He campaigned on it so his decision not to proceed with the TPP came as no surprise to anyone. I know there has been some reporting suggesting the Government was surprised by it. It was probably one of the most well flagged policies that he had.”

Malcolm Turnbull, Doorstop, 28 January 2017

Then yesterday when Malcolm Turnbull had the chance to lobby the new US President on why he thinks the TPP is important, he didn’t even raise it.

“The TPP was not discussed yesterday.”

Malcolm Turnbull, 30 January 2017

The tough guy of last week was as quiet as a mouse by Sunday.

Malcolm Turnbull’s humiliating back down over the past week is proof that he is a weak leader who doesn’t have the guts to stand up for what he says he believes in.