Trump crushes Turnbull’s alternate TPP reality


Last week I said the TPP was dead. Today President Elect Donald Trump has confirmed it.

The TPP does not come into existence unless the US Congress ratifies it. Today President Elect Trump confirmed that will not happen. 

Malcolm Turnbull has been living in an alternate reality, desperately claiming the TPP could still be ratified by the United States. 

The Turnbull Government should now give up trying to ratify the TPP. 

Labor supports free trade which is in Australia’s interests. We are the party that has done the heavy lifting in breaking down the tariff walls that have created new business and new jobs and transformed our economy.  

We support high quality trade deals that are good for Australian businesses, workers and farmers.

If the Government wants to pursue an alternative regional trade agreement without the United States it must provide evidence of the benefits to the Australian economy.  

It should also reinstate the rules that mean companies have to look for an Australian first before employing someone from overseas – rules they signed away for six countries under the TPP. 

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