Turnbull risks Territorians’ health with another broken promise


The Northern Territory is still the only jurisdiction in the country that does not have access to a life-saving PET scanner, despite a six-year-old Abbott-Turnbull Government broken promise to deliver one.

Shadow Minister for Northern Australia, Jason Clare, joined the Member for Solomon, Luke Gosling, in Darwin today to demand an end to the delays. They are calling on the Coalition to take immediate action to deliver this vital piece of medical equipment needed to treat cancer patients.

The scanner was first promised six years ago by the Federal Coalition and CLP.

Senator Nigel Scullion has now told the NT Government it has to apply for funding through the Federal Community Development Grants Programme (CDGP) administered by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, which could take another 18 months or more.

This has caused further confusion – which Department  let alone Federal Minister, Ley or Nash, can be held to account over the delayed delivery of the PET scanner?

The Turnbull Government’s broken promise means Territorians are in the unacceptable situation of being forced to travel south to have scans which also test for diseases like brain tumours, heart disease and central nervous system disorders as well as cancerous tumours.

Early detection of these diseases is vital in giving Territorians the best chance of survival.

It is inexcusable that the health of Territorians is being ignored by the Turnbull Government. This gross negligence in breaking another promise to Territorians proves yet again that they just don’t care about the Top End.