Labor’s plan to engage students in interactive education


A Shorten Labor Government will continue and expand the successful ABC Splash project – a free online library of videos, games and other digital resources for students and teachers.

As any parent or teacher will tell you, technology is a powerful way to engage children in learning.

That’s why Labor first funded ABC Splash back in 2011.

ABC Splash is developed in partnership with experts at Education Services Australia.

It’s trusted by both parents and teachers as academically rigorous and safe.

The material is classified by year level and subject, and is linked to the school curriculum.

That makes it easy for teachers to find appropriate resources to supplement lessons, and for students to find relevant content.

ABC Splash is extremely popular. To date, it has had 17.6 million page views, and 29,000 application downloads.

Sadly the Liberals’ savage cuts to the ABC have put the future of this valuable educational resource at risk.

To date, residual funding has allowed the ABC to maintain the Splash project. But that funding is due to run out soon.

If ABC Splash was to shut down, teachers and students will be forced to rely on content from overseas. This would make it harder for our children to learn about the world in a uniquely Australian voice and in the context of our history.

This is far too valuable a resource to lose. That’s why Labor will invest $9 million over three years from 2017-18 to allow ABC Splash to continue creating world-class digital school resources.

SUNDAY, 12 JUNE 2016


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