Mobile Black Spot Programme

Labor supports the allocation of an additional $60 million to the Mobile Black Spot Programme.

Labor supports action to reduce mobile blackspots, but like the Turnbull Government’s promise to deliver the NBN, the Mobile Black Spot Programme has over-promised and under-delivered.

Of the 499 mobile towers funded in Round 1 of the Mobile Black Spot Programme, as of 4 May 2016 only 21 had been switched on.

Of the 499, 416 are in Liberal and Nationals’ electorates.

There have also been some glaring omissions. There are locations that should have been funded but were not. For example – the electorate of McEwen, one of the most fire-prone in the country. Over the last six summers, there have been six major disasters, including the Black Saturday fires in 2009.

There are 95 blackspots that have been identified in the electorate of McEwen but the area received just two of the 499 funded towers from Round 1 of the Mobile Black Spots Programme.

Labor is committed to ensuring that regional Australia has access to the broadband and mobile phone services it needs.

This is critical infrastructure that saves lives in an emergency and is also central to every business in the country and the daily life of all Australians.

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