Labor’s NBN satellite service now available

Labor’s NBN satellite service is now available for Australians living in rural and remote Australia.

The first of two NBN satellites, commissioned and contracted under the previous Labor Government, was successfully launched into orbit on 1 October 2015. The second satellite is expected to launch later this year. Services on the first satellite are now available.

“Labor understands that broadband is an essential utility, like electricity or water. That is why Labor commissioned these satellites in 2012 to give Australians in the bush access to fast broadband,” Mr Clare said.

Fortunately, Labor signed the contracts for delivery of these satellites before the Liberal National Government was sworn in.

Malcolm Turnbull fought tooth and nail against these satellites when in Opposition.

He called the satellites a “Rolls-Royce solution” and “wasteful spending.”

In 2012, when he was Shadow Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull said:

“There is enough capacity on private satellites already in orbit or scheduled for launch for the NBN to deliver broadband to the 200,000 or so premises in remote Australia without building its own.”

Malcolm Turnbull, Doorstop Interview, 8 February 2012

Malcolm Turnbull now calls these satellites a “game changer.”

Labor welcomes the belated support from Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Party for the NBN Satellite program. As they say, better late than never.

To connect to the NBN satellite service, homes and businesses will need to contact an internet service provider and order a suitable plan.