More Leaks, More Delays – Malcolm Turnbull’s copper NBN in meltown

Two more leaked documents released today confirm that Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate NBN is significantly behind schedule.

These delays mean hundreds of thousands of Australians are still waiting for the NBN that Malcolm Turnbull promised them they would have by now.

The Australian Financial Review today published leaked copies of NBN Co’s “Integrated Deployment Plan” and March 2016 “Monthly Ready for Service” information.

The leaked documents show that the first 40 Fibre-to-the-Node areas being built by NBN Co are all behind schedule. Every single one. 

That means that not a single Fibre-to-the-Node area built by NBN Co under its own steam has been completed on time.

Of the 40 areas, 29 areas (more than 72 percent) are delayed by more than 35 days.

Some areas are delayed by more than 80 days.

Labor has repeatedly requested access to the Integrated Deployment Plan. The Abbott-Turnbull Government has consistently refused to release it.

It is now clear why the Government has tried to keep this document secret — they are desperate to hide the evidence that Malcolm Turnbull’s copper NBN is a disaster.

This is the seventh major leak from NBN Co in just over four months.

Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate copper NBN is a complete failure and everyone seems to know it except Malcolm Turnbull.