Another week, another Leak: Turnbull’s ego denies millions of Australians faster internet speeds

Malcolm Turnbull has let his ego get in the way of faster internet speeds for millions of Australians according to yet another leaked document from inside NBN Co.

The secret brief to NBN Co’s Chief Technology Officer reveals that the cost of rolling fibre all the way to the driveway, a technology called Fibre to the Distribution Point (FTTdP), is close to the same cost as Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate copper version of the NBN.

The big difference is it costs a lot less to maintain and gives customers speeds that are up to 10 times faster.

Yesterday NBN Co admitted in a Senate hearing that they had taken the idea ditching Fibre to the Node to the NBN board and replacing it with this more advanced fibre technology.

The only reason this hasn’t happened yet is because it will prove Malcolm Turnbull was wrong and his copper NBN is a dud.

Our leather jacket wearing Prime Minister is a bit like the Fonzie from Happy Days – he just can’t say he was wrong.

This secret document is humiliating for Malcolm Turnbull. It proves his slower second rate Fibre to the Node is the wrong approach.

If Malcolm Turnbull had any credibility, he would come out today, admit he got it wrong, cancel the rollout of his second rate copper NBN and replace it with fibre.