Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate NBN is a complete failure

Yet another leaked document from NBN Co has revealed today that Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate copper NBN is hopelessly delayed and over budget.

Internal NBN Co documents reveal that NBN Co has met less than a third of its internal rollout target for Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate copper NBN.

The delays are due mostly to problems with connecting mains power to Malcolm Turnbull’s large street side copper cabinets.

These problems are entirely of Malcolm Turnbull’s making.

Fibre-to-the-premises – Labor’s 21st century broadband technology which was abandoned by Malcolm Turnbull so he could roll out last century’s copper technology – is a passive network that does not require mains power.

The documents also reveal that Malcolm Turnbull’s copper NBN is coming in over-budget, despite NBN Co’s recent assurances that the cost was tracking as expected in NBN Co’s Corporate Plan 2016.

This is yet another example of Malcolm Turnbull’s poor judgement.

In 2014, Malcolm Turnbull directed NBN Co to switch to his second rate NBN on the basis of a dodgy report prepared by his yachting mate. His chickens are now coming home to roost.

Malcolm Turnbull promised in 2013 that his second rate copper NBN rollout would be ‘at scale’ by mid-2014. It is 2016, and the rollout has barely started. NBN Co has only completed 29,000 homes under its own steam, 65,000 homes short of their internal target.

Today’s revelations also prove that the Government has no hope of delivering on its three year rollout plan. This is a plan for the election rather than a credible rollout plan, with only 510,000 homes to get HFC and FTTN before the election, and 5.6 million in the two years following. It is a ramp Evel Knievel couldn’t jump.

Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate NBN was supposed to reach every home in three years – he has more than doubled this timeframe, and after today, Malcolm Turnbull won’t even meet his revised target of 2020.

It was supposed to cost $29.5 billion – he has nearly doubled this cost to up to $56 billion.

Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate NBN is a complete failure. He is all talk and no delivery.