Senate orders Malcolm Turnbull to release NBN Plan

The Senate has rebuked Malcolm Turnbull after he flat out refused to release the secret forecasts that his Government is using to plan the roll out of his second rate version of the NBN.

Malcolm Turnbull has repeatedly promised transparency on the NBN. He has said:

“Maximum transparency is going to be given to this project.”

Malcolm Turnbull MP, House of Representatives Hansard (11 February 2014)

“But our commitment is, our focus is, to have a much greater level of transparency and openness.”

Malcolm Turnbull MP, Press Conference (24 September 2013)

“The bottom line is that as far as the NBN project is concerned, the government’s commitment is to be completely transparent.”

Malcolm Turnbull MP, House of Representatives Hansard (11 February 2014)

“The Government requires a high degree of transparency from NBN Co in its communication with the public and Parliament.”

Malcolm Turnbull MP & Senator Mathias Cormann, Statement of Expectations to NBN Co (8 April 2014)

Typical of Malcolm Turnbull, these promises have turned out to be nothing but waffle.

Malcolm Turnbull has repeatedly refused to release information that was routinely released under the previous Labor Government.

There is only one reason for Malcolm Turnbull covering up the truth – his second rate NBN is an absolute mess.

Malcolm Turnbull has almost doubled the cost of his second rate NBN from $29.5 billion to $56 billion.

Malcolm Turnbull promised that all Australians would have access to his second rate NBN by the end of 2016 – that was a lie.

The cost of fixing the old copper network to make his second rate NBN work has blown out by more than 1000 per cent and he has been forced to buy 8.5 million metres of new copper.

Today, the Senate amended a Government bill to require the Government to live up to his word and shine a light on the mess he has created with the NBN.

Malcolm Turnbull said today that, “We believe fervently, passionately, in a transparent democracy.”

If that is true, he will lift the veil of secrecy from NBN Co and expose the reasons his second rate NBN has become such a mess.