Fifield fails to clean up Malcolm’s mess

Malcolm Turnbull has almost doubled the cost of his second rate NBN from $29.5 billion to $56 billion.

Malcolm Turnbull has failed to live up to his word that all Australians would have the NBN this year.

Malcolm Turnbull has continued to buy thousands of kilometres of 20th century copper to connect Australians despite the fact it is 2016.

Despite all of this, Malcolm Turnbull denies the mess he left behind when he knifed Tony Abbott.

Today, it was revealed that new Minister for Communications and executives at NBN Co have guzzled the Turnbull kool-aid.

Trying to distract attention from the fact the NBN will cost almost double what Malcolm Turnbull promised and will take twice as long to build as Malcolm Turnbull promised, today NBN Co and Mitch Fifield tried to pretend that copper and fibre are the same thing and that one is as good as the other.

Ignoring the fact that one technology was being rolled out before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and another is state of the art technology used to connect 21st century digital infrastructure, the devil is in the detail that NBN Co and Mitch Fifield have not highlighted today:

  1. Malcolm Turnbull’s promise that 100 percent of Australian homes would have access to the NBN this year has been shattered…only 14 percent of Australians have the NBN.
  2. Malcolm Turnbull’s promise that the rollout of his second rate FTTN network would be ‘at-scale’ by now was downright wrong – FTTN represents less than 1 percent of total connections. 
  3. Not a single home has been connected to the NBN HFC network despite the fact that Malcolm Turnbull told us that 2.61 million homes would be connected by the end of this year. 
  4. Half way through the financial year, NBN is less than a quarter of the way to its FTTN targets, and the take up rate on his second rate copper NBN is only 5 percent. 
  5. Growth in revenue has gone backwards quarter-on-quarter. Revenue growth in the quarters to June 15 and September 15 was 30 percent, but during the latest quarter it fell to 25 percent.
  6. Growth in connections has gone backwards. In the quarter to June 15 growth was 25 percent, and 26 percent in the quarter to September 15, but during the latest quarter it fell to 21 percent.

‘Malcolm’s Mess’ was bad enough but the sequel – ‘Fifield’s Failure’ – is shaping up to be a box-office flop.