Another week, another leak – More evidence of Malcolm Turnbull’s mess

In what is becoming a regular and worrying occurrence, another strategic document has leaked from inside NBN Co.

The latest leak is damning for Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate version of the NBN because it reveals that the cost of fixing the copper that makes Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate version of the NBN work has blown out by almost 900%.

This blowout has happened because Malcolm Turnbull’s assumptions about how much it would cost to repair and remediate the old copper network were massively wrong.

The December 2013 Strategic Review assumed these costs would be $2,685 per node; by March 2015, this had blown out to $26,115 per node.

The leaked document also reveals that NBN Co and the Government got their assumptions about the cost of rolling out the fibre-to-the-node network massively wrong.

This leaked document reveals that Malcolm Turnbull and NBN Co assumed in December 2013 that FTTN would cost $600 per premises.

By August this year, that cost has blown out to $1,600 per premises, a blowout of almost 300% Malcolm Turnbull has refused to release these numbers before and now we know why.

This is more evidence of the absolute mess that Malcolm Turnbull has created with his second rate NBN.

In the private sector, you would be sacked for this sort of incompetence, instead Malcolm Turnbull has been promoted.

Malcolm Turnbull’s management of the NBN can now only be described as a debacle.



Leaked NBN presentation.PDF