Turnbull’s NBN to suffer another cost blowout and time delay

Leaked documents have today revealed that the cost of Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate version of the NBN is likely to blow out again and it will take even longer to build than he promised.

A document entitled “HFC PLAN B: Overbuilding Optus”, dated November 2015, has leaked out of NBN and its contents are damning.

It reveals that the Optus HFC network, a key component of Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate NBN, is in far worse condition than Australians were led to believe and NBN Co is considering overbuilding the network – costing hundreds of millions and meaning hundreds of thousands of Australians will have to wait longer to get the NBN.

This is more evidence of the absolute mess that Malcolm Turnbull has created with his second rate NBN.

The National Broadband Network, a world-class infrastructure project under Labor, has fallen victim to Malcolm Turnbull’s habit of talking big and failing to deliver.

In April 2013, the now Prime Minister promised his second rate NBN would cost $29.5 billion.

In December 2013, the now Prime Minister said his second rate NBN would cost $41 billion.

In August this year, the now Prime Minister admitted his second rate NBN would cost up to $56 billion and said “all of us can have real confidence in the numbers”.

Today’s revelation that NBN is considering replacing the Optus HFC network that is supposed to make up a key part of its second rate NBN mean that this cost will blow out again.

It also means that the second rate Turnbull NBN will take longer than he promised.

Malcolm Turnbull’s management of the NBN has become an absolute joke.