Brisbane’s North West left with a second rate NBN

Shadow Minister for Communications Jason Clare, Senator for Queensland Chris Ketter and Labor candidate for Dickson Michael Gilliver will host a forum in Albany Creek today to hear from local residents who are being forced to wait for Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate version of the NBN.

Under Labor, more than 40,000 homes and businesses in Dickson were scheduled to get superfast Fibre-to-the-Premises NBN connections by the end of 2016.

Work had fortunately already started to connect residents in parts of Petrie and Murrumba Downs before the change of Government so these homes and businesses are enjoying the world class Fibre-to-the-Premises connections.

The rest of Dickson was cruelly ripped off the map and will have to make do with a second rate version of the NBN that relies on the old copper network.

Malcolm Turnbull promised before the last election that all homes in Australia would get the NBN by 2016.

He also promised that those areas that needed broadband most would get it ‘first.’

Both of these promises have been broken.

Suburbs like Albany Creek and Ferny Hills – which have some of the poorest broadband access in Australia – have not been prioritised at all, with the NBN not scheduled to arrive in these locations until 2017.

Many suburbs in the north west, like Brendale, Lawnton, Warner, Bray Park, Joyner, and Cashmere, are being left to wait for a second rate version of the NBN that will have to be upgraded down the track.

Malcolm Turnbull is creating two classes of people in Dickson – those who are lucky enough to have fibre all the way to the home and those who are not.

Residents and businesses across Dickson, like all Australians, deserve better than the second rate version of the NBN that Malcolm Turnbull is giving them.


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