Fifield refuses to rule out further delay for second rate NBN

Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield has refused to rule out further delays in the rollout of Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate NBN.

Minister Fifield was asked the following by Labor Senator Jenny McAllister:

In October this Minister said the Government’s three year construction plan was “ambitious” and NBN Chairman Switkowski said NBN’s rollout plan to 2020 was “heroic”.

Will the Minister guarantee that this rollout plan will be achieved – or is it as “conservative and achievable” as every other forecast released by this Government on the NBN?

He flat out refused to commit to the forecasts contained in the corporate plan.

The Turnbull Government has form here.

In April 2013, the now Prime Minister promised his second rate NBN would cost $29.5 billion and said his plan was “very conservative”.

In December 2013, the now Prime Minister said his second rate NBN would cost $41 billion and the assumptions were “conservative and achievable”.

In August this year, the now Prime Minister admitted his second rate NBN would cost up to $56 billion and said “all of us can have real confidence in the numbers”.

The Communications Minister is still learning his job but it is clear that he doesn’t have much confidence in the numbers associated with the second rate NBN