Mitch ‘Plotter’ Fifield just can’t stop playing politics

Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield has not managed to move on from the key role he played as part of the Prime Ministerial assassination squad.

Instead of fulfilling his responsibilities as Communications Minister in an even-handed and bi-partisan way, he has demonstrated that he is still obsessed with playing politics.

It was confirmed in Senate Estimates this morning that individual electorate briefs have been prepared by his department on the unrealistic three year rollout plan of Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate NBN.

But in a blatantly political move, only Liberal and National MPs have been provided with this material.

A request for access to this material was made to Minister Fifield’s office almost a week ago. We still haven’t heard back.

Today in Senate Estimates, Minister Fifield refused to confirm whether non-Government MPs would be granted access to these briefs.

The Communications Minister is still learning his job but the blatantly partisan way he is approaching the portfolio does not bode well.

Senator Fifield has a fearsome reputation as a factional player in the Victorian Liberal party and indeed has been described as one of the ‘plotters’ that helped to bring down Tony Abbott and install Malcolm Turnbull.

I hope that he recognises the importance of the National Broadband Network to all Australians and does not continue to make it just the latest pawn in his political games.