Turnbull’s Copper NBN is “shit”, says telco

Singaporean broadband provider, MyRepublic has delivered a scathing assessment of Malcolm Turnbull’s NBN, labelling his fibre-to-the-node technology as “shit” in today’s Australian Financial Review:

“On FTTN we’ll market 100Mbps and when people come over we’ll say ‘sorry, thank your government [because] you’re on a shit network and the most you can get is 20-30Mbps…”

Malcolm Rodrigues, Founder of MyRepublic, 11 August 2015

This latest damning criticism of Malcolm Turnbull’s fibre-to-the-node technology comes after NBN Co Director, Simon Hackett, said in March: 

“FTTN sucks…If I could wave a wand, it’s the bit I’d erase.””

Simon Hackett, Rewind/Fast Forward Event, 25 March 2015

Malcolm Rodrigues also slammed the potential impact of Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate copper network on Australia’s digital economy:

“I don’t know what [the government] is doing on the other policy fronts but on this they’ve completely stuffed it,” he said. “More and more Australians will leave the country looking for jobs and you’ll continue to be a resource based economy – the hope of building IT jobs and a digital economy will kind of be more difficult to achieve.”

Malcolm Rodrigues, Founder of MyRepublic, 11 August 2015

Malcolm Turnbull talked a big game on the NBN, but now all his promises are starting to unravel.

He promised that the rollout of his second-rate fibre-to-the-node network would be at-scale a year ago. He has failed.

He promised every home and business would have access to 25 megabits per second by the end of 2016. He will fail to make that happen.

He promised that the NBN would be built for $29.5 billion – he has failed. He now says it will cost $42 billion.

The NBN is rolling out slower than Malcolm Turnbull promised. It is also more expensive than he promised, and according to the experts all many Australians will end up with is a “shit” network that “sucks”.