You are a year late, Malcolm

Nearly two years into his term, Malcolm Turnbull’s second-rate network is finally go after the ACCC signed off on Telstra’s Revised Migration Plan.

In April 2013, Malcolm Turnbull said:

“There would have to be some renegotiation with Telstra. We’re very confident that can be achieved speedily.”

Malcolm Turnbull—Coalition Broadband Policy Launch—9 April 2013

In November 2013, Malcolm Turnbull said:

“Some renegotiation of the Telstra Definitive Agreements is required and we look forward to concluding that before too long.”

Malcolm Turnbull—Speech to CommsDay Conference—18 November 2013

In February 2014, Malcolm Turnbull said of the Telstra negotiations:

“We’re moving ahead but the aim is to…get this done in the next few months…Certainly by the middle of the year.

Today’s announcement confirms that this has happened one year later than promised.

Malcolm Turnbull severely underestimated the timeframe, cost and complexity involved in shifting to the rollout of his second rate network.

The Coalition promised to get the NBN to all homes by 2016. They have failed. The 2015 budget overview says that only:

“3.1 million homes and businesses [are anticipated] to have the NBN in place or under construction by September 2016.”

2015-16 Budget, Overview, page 21

The budget papers show that less than 25 per cent of the original promise will be met.

The Coalition promised to build the NBN for $29.5 billion. They have failed. The Coalition’s NBN is now forecast to cost $42 billion.

The NBN is rolling out slower than Malcolm Turnbull promised, and it is more expensive than he promised.

Nearly two years into his term, Malcolm Turnbull has still not released a full business case for his second-rate network.

He is now all out of excuses.

Malcolm Turnbull needs to tell Australians how much his second rate network will cost and how long it will take to roll out.

FRIDAY, 26 JUNE 2015