5 million Australian jobs gone by 2030

Forty per cent of Australian jobs are at risk of being replaced by machines over the next 15 years according to a report on Australia’s future workforce released by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) today. That is five million Australian jobs that are highly likely to not exist by the year 2030. 

Digital disruption is going to destroy some jobs but it is also going to create new ones. The key is to have a workforce with the skills to do these new jobs.

A separate report released today by the Australian Computer Society and Deloitte Access Economics,Australia’s Digital Pulse, concludes that Australia will need an extra 100,000 ICT workers in the next six years.

These workers will need to be trained in the vital skills of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Only Labor has a plan to help our kids prepare for the jobs of the future:

  • Coding in Schools – ensuring our kids have the opportunity to learn the language of computers from an early age;

  • Teaching STEM – training and upskilling our teachers to be capable and confident teaching STEM subjects;

  • STEM Future Workforce – giving 100,000 young Australians the opportunity to graduate from STEM degrees without a HECS debt, with a focus on incentivising students from under-represented groups to get STEM qualifications; and

  • Smart Investment Fund – supporting great Australian ideas to become new businesses with access to early stage venture capital funding.

Tony Abbott and the Liberals are stuck in the past. They don’t understand the importance of preparing Australian kids for the jobs of the future.

Only Labor has a plan to educate and train our kids to thrive in a digital world. 

For more information on Labor’s plan for the future visit: futuresmartaustralia.org.