Western Australians left with a second-rate NBN

Shadow Communications Minister Jason Clare and Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Western Australia Alannah MacTiernan will today meet with businesses, residents and telecommunications workers to discuss the problems with Malcolm Turnbull’s second-rate NBN. 

Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull promised that every Australian would have access to their second rate version of the NBN by the end of 2016.  They have now admitted they will break that promise.

Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull also promised that their second rate NBN would cost $29.5 billion.  They have broken this promise.  Yesterday Malcolm Turnbull confirmed that the cost of his second rate NBN has blown out to $42 billion.

The NBN is now rolling out slower than Malcolm Turnbull promised.  It is also going to cost more than Malcolm Turnbull promised.

Ms MacTiernan said Malcolm Turnbull had acknowledged that NBN Co had no information on the state or capacity of Perth’s copper wire network, even though it plans to use the network for his second rate NBN.

Under questioning in Parliament last week, Mr Turnbull admitted NBN Co would not know about faults in the copper network unless it was dug up and checked. 

Surveys of ADSL speeds in Perth show residents are receiving far slower broadband than Mr Turnbull claims is available, showing the dilapidated state of the copper network. 

“WA deserves a 21st century broadband network – not one that relies on ancient copper wires in an unknown condition,” Ms MacTiernan said. 

“The Abbott Government has not just broken the promises they made on education, health and pensions. They have also broken their promises on the NBN,” Mr Clare said.

All Western Australians have gotten from Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull and the WA Liberal team are lies and broken promises. Western Australians deserve better.

FRIDAY, 12 JUNE 2015

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