Turnbull confirms new NBN Tax

Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed that he will slug new home owners with a new $900 tax to connect to the National Broadband Network.

The new tax is set out in the Government’s Telecommunications infrastructure in new developments policy paper, released by Mr Turnbull today.

The NBN tax was immediately savaged by industry groups who slammed the new tax as unfair and likely to hurt new home buyers.

The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) said:

“It’s likely to have a significant deleterious impact on both housing affordability and economic activity in the development and construction industries…UDIA believes it is highly inequitable to expect new home buyers to pay potentially thousands of dollars in additional fees to connect to the NBN, when existing households will receive the network for free.”

UDIA members are concerned that once the need for investment in additional telecommunications infrastructure is taken into account, home buyers could be slugged with an NBN tax bill as high as $5,000.

Home prices are already very high. This unfair tax will hit those who can afford it the least—young families just starting out.

The NBN tax is unfair. It means that if you buy an existing home you don’t have to pay anything extra for the NBN. Your taxes pay for it. But if you buy a new home, you have to pay for it twice.

Broadband is an essential utility, like electricity or water. Australian families need it, Australian businesses rely on it and Australian students can’t live without it.

Now Turnbull will tax Australians who buy a new home between $900 and $5,000 just to connect to the internet.

The Coalition’s NBN is not just second-rate. It’s unfair.