Memo to Malcolm: Budget proves you broke your promise

The Budget Overview says:

“3.1 million homes and businesses [are anticipated] to have the NBN in place or under construction by September 2016.”

2015-16 Budget, Overview, page 21 

In a letter to Australians on the night of the last election, Tony Abbott said everyone would have access to the NBN by then:

“I want our NBN rolled out within three years and Malcolm Turnbull is the right person to make this happen.

Tony Abbott, A letter to Australians, 7 September 2013 

The same commitment was made in the press release announcing the Coalition’s NBN policy:

“Under the Coalition’s NBN all premises will have access to download speeds 25mbps to 100mbps by the end of 2016.”

Tony Abbott & Malcolm Turnbull, Media Release, 9 April 2013

Instead of everyone getting the NBN by 2016, the Budget says that only 3.1 million homes will have the NBN (or be “under construction”) by September 2016.

That’s not “all premises”. There are about 11.3 million of them.

Even if you count homes “under construction” Malcolm Turnbull will struggle to meet 25 per cent of his promise.

Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull sold their short-sighted, second-rate NBN to the Australian people in 2013 on the basis that they would get it by 2016. 

The deal was that Australians would get a second rate NBN, but they would get access to it in three years.

Now Australians will only get a second rate NBN.