Turnbull fails to rule out making Australians pay more for local calls

Malcolm Turnbull has today failed to rule out making Australians pay more for local phone calls.

In an embarrassing leak for the Government, the Daily Telegraph today published revelations that Malcolm Turnbull and Paul Fletcher are considering a proposal to remove the legislative requirement for telecommunications companies to offer untimed local calls.

This requirement was put into law when John Howard sold Telstra and he promised that it would stand the test of time. He said:

There will not be timed local calls under a Coalition Government and any Labor Party claim, and any John Singleton jingle or advertisement to that effect will be completely false.

Press Conference – 2 February 1996

We’ll guarantee that there will not be untimed local calls introduced

Speech – 29 March 1998

Not content with breaking Tony Abbott’s promises on things like ABC funding and the NBN, Malcolm Turnbull is now trying to break the promises of John Howard.

This bad idea will hit pensioners particularly hard. More than half of all people over 65 have a landline and rely on it to keep in touch with friends and family.

Malcolm Turnbull should rule out the introduction of timed local calls immediately.

MONDAY, 11 MAY 2015