Tasmania to get Turnbull’s second rate NBN

Shadow Minister for Communications Jason Clare, Tasmanian Senator Carol Brown and Candidate for Lyons Brian Mitchell today visited New Norfolk to discuss Malcolm Turnbull’s broken promise to give all Tasmanians the real NBN.

Before the election the Liberals said they would honour existing contracts to roll out Fibre-to-the-Premises broadband right across Tasmania. Malcolm Turnbull said:

“The alternative would be to breach them [the contracts] and that is a course we would not countenance.”

Malcolm Turnbull – The Examiner – August 17, 2013

After breaking this promise, Malcolm Turnbull is now giving Tasmanians a second-rate network that relies on last century’s copper.

Malcolm Turnbull’s NBN is creating two classes of Tasmanians – those that get the real NBN and those that don’t. New Norfolk is one of those places that will be left with a version of the NBN that uses 20th century copper instead of 21st century fibre.

Tony Abbott also promised that all Tasmanians, indeed all Australians, would have the NBN by end of next year. That’s also not going to happen.