Malcolm Turnbull should sack Nihal Gupta

Federal Labor has today called for Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull to sack SBS Chairman Nihal Gupta.

Nihal Gupta was a Tony Abbott ‘Captain’s Call’ but it’s now Malcolm Turnbull’s call to sack him.

Mr Gupta today appeared before Senate Estimates and in a show of absolute contempt for the Australian Senate, the Senators and the Australian people that they represent, he refused to answer questions about whether he had lied to the nominations panel in order to secure the position, a position that comes with a $120,000 a year pay check from the taxpayer.

On the 17th of October 2014, Malcolm Turnbull said Nihal Gupta would be a “real asset” to the SBS. He said:

Mr Nihal Gupta is currently the Managing Director of Digital Electronics Corporation Australia and has a strong background in business and commercial sectors, particularly in relation to technology and consumer electronics.

However, on the 9th of February The Australian revealed:

His two main business credentials highlighted in the Federal Government press release announcing his appointment are that he was Managing Director of Digital Electronics Corporation and was Chairman of JCurve Solutions.

The Australian has revealed he is the sole consultant at Digital Electronics Corporation and his company has no employees, premises, warehouses or distribution assets.

Nihal Gupta refused to answer questions about this or anything else today.

Nihal Gupta is not up to the job of SBS Chairman, he refuses to refute claims that he lied to get the job and Malcolm Turnbull should sack him.

If he doesn’t the question needs to be asked, how can Malcolm Turnbull think he is up to running the country if he supports someone who clearly holds the Parliament in contempt.