Fibre for the rich and copper for the poor under Malcolm Turnbull’s NBN

Off the back of the Abbott Government’s unfair Budget, Malcolm Turnbull has released details of his unfair broadband policy which will see fibre for the rich and copper for the poor.

Turnbull’s ‘Technology Choice’ policy reveals that it could cost households “from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars” to get fibre from the node to your house.

Home owners will also have to pay $600 just to get a quote.

NBN Co quietly snuck this policy out late last night.

Under Labor, 93 per cent of the population would have received fibre to their homes, and NBN Co did not charge anything for the physical connection.

Under the Liberal Party if you live in a fibre-to-the-node area you will have to pay through the nose to get a superfast, reliable fibre connection.

This will mean only the rich can afford super-fast fibre broadband, whilst the poor will be stuck with the old copper network to their home.

Tony Abbott is trying to create a two-tiered US style university system and a two-tiered health system. Now Malcolm Turnbull is creating a two-tiered NBN – one for the rich and one for the poor.

Before the election, Labor warned that under Malcolm Turnbull’s second-rate broadband plan households and small business in fibre-to-the-node areas would be forced to pay up to $5,000 for a fibre connection.

At the time, Turnbull referred to ‘Fibre on Demand’ charges costing “about $2,250.” Now it looks as if these charges could be up to “tens of thousands of dollars.”

This is another broken promise and shows once again that you can’t trust anything this Government says.

This follows the Government’s other broken promises in December last year with the announcement of two new NBN taxes.

Late last year the Abbott Government also announced that it would abolish uniform wholesale pricing and bought back the old copper network John Howard sold last century.

This is just more evidence that this Liberal Government is untrustworthy, unfair and out of touch.


FRIDAY, 13 MARCH 2015