Out of touch Turnbull starting to believe his own hype

Today Malcolm Turnbull showed his auditions to become Prime Minister are not limited to the ABC’s Q&A.


At the Brisbane Club today Malcolm Turnbull blamed the failures of last year’s Budget on the sales job, not on the unfair measures it contained.


His comments prove that it doesn’t matter who leads the Liberals – it’s what they stand for that is the problem.


Incredibly, as reported in the Australian Financial Review, he cited his handling of his own portfolio as the model for garnering public support.


Let’s take a look at Malcolm Turnbull’s handling of his Portfolio:


  1. He cut more than half a billion dollars out of the ABC and SBS despite his Prime Minister saying on the night before the election that there would be “no cuts to the ABC or SBS.”
  2. Appointed prominent Liberal Party donor Nihal Gupta as SBS Chairman despite the fact that Mr Gupta has no experience running a large organisation or in the broadcasting industry.
  3. Despite promising before the election that he would get Infrastructure Australia or the Productivity Commission to do a cost-benefit analysis of the NBN, he got his mates – strident critics of the NBN and former Liberal Party Staffers – to do the job. He even appointed a former yachting buddy of his to undertake one of the 7 politically motivated reviews into the NBN we have seen since the election.
  4. Before the election he promised that all Australians would get the NBN by the end of 2016. He has also broken that promise and is now rolling out a second-rate version of the NBN that relies on the old copper network.
  5. He has slugged Australians who purchase a new home with a new $900 NBN tax – hitting those who can least afford it, first home owners.
  6. He promised in April 2013 that the NBN would be built for $29.5 billion. Malcolm’s second rate network is now expected to cost $42 billion—a 42%, $13 billion dollar blowout.
  7. He promised that Australians with the poorest service and greatest need would get the NBN first. Despite this thousands of Australians who can’t even get ADSL have been left off the NBN 18 month rollout plan.


If this is an audition for the top job or a ‘model for garnering public support’, then Tony Abbott has got nothing to worry about.