Singleton left in the lurch on the NBN



Singleton will be stuck with a second rate National Broadband Network under the Liberal-National Coalition.

Shadow Minister for Communications Jason Clare and Member for Hunter Joel Fitzgibbon met with business leaders and council representatives in Singleton today.

Under Labor Singleton was scheduled to get the world class fibre-to-the-premises NBN – the NBN that delivers super-fast internet speeds using fibre optic cable.

Instead Singleton has been ripped off the map by Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull and most residents of Singleton have no idea when the NBN will be coming to town and what kind of NBN it will be.

Super-fast internet is vital in minimising the tyranny of distance that entrepreneurs and small businesses in regional Australia face.

Malcolm Turnbull promised that areas that need the NBN the most like Singleton would be the first to get the NBN:

“Suburbs, regions, towns and business districts with the poorest services and greatest need for upgrades will receive first priority.”

Coalition plan for a better NBN, 25th July 2013.

He has broken that promise and the residents of Singleton are paying the price for the Government’s lies.

The few residents that are scheduled to get the NBN will only get wireless service.

This Government has lied about health funding, lied about education funding, lied about cutting the pension, lied about cutting the ABC and SBS and they have lied about the NBN.