New Turnbull tax starts today

Malcolm Turnbull is showing he’s keen to emulate Tony Abbott’s reputation for slugging Australians who can least afford it, with a new NBN Tax quietly starting today.

The secret NBN Tax, which will hit every new home owner, is hidden in a Government policy document and applies from today, despite no public announcement from the Liberal Government.

From today, every new home owner will pay an NBN Tax of $600. From 1 July, it will increase to $900.

Just before Christmas last year the Government released a policy document that included this nasty little surprise for Australians who want to build their own home.

They announced that new home developers will be charged a new $600 deployment charge to be passed onto home buyers, while buyers will be hit with a new $300 NBN connection fee from 1 July.

Telecommunications infrastructure in new developments – page 5

The last thing new home owners need is a new NBN tax.

As if a new GP Tax and Petrol Tax weren’t enough, now new home owners will be slugged with an NBN Tax.

It goes to show that no matter who leads the Liberal Party – whether its Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull or Julie Bishop – they all support the unfair Budget and they all support slugging those who can least afford it.

Before the election Tony Abbott said:

“What you’ll get under us are tax cuts without new taxes.”


Yet here we are, less than eighteen months into his Prime Ministership and he has given Australians a trifecta of new taxes – an NBN Tax, a GP Tax and Petrol Tax.

Home prices are already very high. This tax will hit those who can afford it the least—young families just starting out. The last thing new home buyers need is a new NBN tax.