Malcolm’s Mystery: When will the second rate NBN be built and how much will it cost

Eighteen months into Malcolm Turnbull’s tenure as Communications Minister, NBN Co has admitted that they still have no idea what Malcolm’s second rate network will cost to build or when it will be completed.

In April 2013, Malcolm Turnbull promised that the National Broadband Network would reach all homes by 2016 for a cost of $29.5 billion.

On the night of the election Tony Abbott wrote an open letter to the Australian people in which he said:

“I want our NBN to be rolled out within three years and Malcolm Turnbull is the right person to make this happen.”

But approaching the half way point to Malcolm’s target, NBN Co has revealed that they still have no idea what Malcolm’s second-rate network will cost or when it will be completed.

When asked at Senate Estimates this week about the cost of Malcolm’s second rate network, NBN Co Chief Mr Bill Morrow would not give a figure, saying:

“We’re working through that planning detail right now.”

NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow—Senate Estimates—24 February 2015

All we have seen from Malcolm Turnbull in the past eighteen months is dodgy reviews, political payback and an obsession with the past.

It is time for him to stop trying to roll Tony Abbott and roll out the NBN.