Chickens coming home to roost for Coalition which over-promises and under-delivers

Nationals Member for Mallee Andrew Broad has attacked Malcolm Turnbull and Paul Fletcher, failed his constituency and revealed the gross hypocrisy of the National Party – all in the one interview.

Speaking to the Sunraysia Daily, Mr Broad savaged Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his administration of the Mobile Blackspots program. He said:

“We’ve been in government for 17 months now and are still fluffing around over it…Frankly, it is too slow to roll out…It’s time we got it done.”

Parliamentary Secretary Paul Fletcher has been travelling to every corner of the country raising expectations that every man and his dog would get a new mobile tower despite the fact that the program will fund only between 250 and 300 towers.

There have been 10,000 requests for coverage improvements at around 6,000 locations since the Government began taking requests.

Mr Broad pointed out the stupidity of this over-promise and under-deliver strategy saying:

“There were about 300 mobile black spots in the Mallee”

Typically of Nationals’ MPs, Andrew Broad roars like a lion in his electorate whilst he is as quiet as a mouse in Canberra.

Mr Broad has called for an increase to the $100 million commitment – arguing his electorate alone required $60 million in upgrades.

Andrew Broad should stand up for his electorate and talk tough in Canberra as well as in Mildura.

Perhaps he should bypass his National’s colleagues and raise the issue directly with Tony Abbott who has promised more than a week ago to start delivering “good government”.

Rural and regional Australians have been taken for granted by this dysfunctional Abbott-Truss Government for too long.