Turnbull admits to 500,000 broken promises

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull today admitted that more than half a million homes and businesses are unlikely to get fibre to the premises and will become the first victims of the Coalition cuts to the NBN.

On Channel Ten’s Meet the Press this morning, Mr Turnbull said:

“In all of these fixed line areas, people will get access to the NBN. It may not necessarily be with Fibre to the Premises. In fact, for most of the brownfield areas it is unlikely that it would be.”

Shadow Minister for Communications Jason Clare said this is a broken promise.

“In Opposition Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott said they would honour existing contracts. These 500,000 homes and businesses were right to expect that those contracts would be honoured. This is a broken promise. Half a million broken promises.” Mr Clare said.

“Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed today that half a million homes and businesses that disappeared from the NBN rollout map last week are unlikely to get fibre to the premises and instead will get the Coalition’s fraudband,” Mr Clare said.

Mr Clare again called on the Coalition Government to stick to its word and not break the promises it made before the election.