More ‘jobs for the boys’ at NBN Co

Malcolm Turnbull has today appointed another mate to the board of NBN Co. This follows the appointment of Ziggy Switowski as Executive Chairman of the board and JB Rousselot as Head of Strategy and Transformation within NBN Co.

Justin Milne worked with Mr Turnbull at OzEmail and is widely reported to have various links with Mr Turnbull including participating in a Liberal Party forum in Mr Turnbull’s electorate in 2010.

Mr Rousselot also worked with Mr Turnbull at OzEmail. It is reported that he decided to accept the position whilst the two were enjoying a ski trip. Mr Rousselot also worked at Mr Turnbull’s own boutique advisory firm Turnbull and Partners. Mr Turnbull last year described Mr Rousselot as “one of my good friends”.

On the 12th of June this year it was reported in Crikey that Mr Milne and Mr Rousselot would be appointed to run NBN Co if the Coalition won the election. At the time, Mr Turnbull rang Crikey and said this was “untrue”. It is now clear that this was true.

Despite the assurance that the NBN Strategic Review would be ‘technology neutral’, Mr Turnbull has appointed one of the most outspoken critics of fibre-to-the-premises and one of the most outspoken advocates of fibre-to-the-node. In April this year, Mr Milne said:

“FTTP is ridiculous overkill and underlying the ideas behind FTTP is a lack of understanding of the internet.”

“The fix is in. He is appointing a number of mates to make sure he gets what he wants – a second rate broadband network,” Mr Clare said.

“It is hard to believe that the Strategic Review will say anything other than what Mr Turnbull wants it to say, ” Ms Rowland said.

“Malcolm Turnbull is not off to a good start. He was rolled on Huawei by Tony Abbott, he has wiped 500,000 homes off the NBN map and he is continuing to give jobs at NBN Co to his mates,” Mr Clare said.