Turnbull breaks another promise: More secrecy from a government that refuses to answer questions or release documents

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s commitment to transparency in Government has failed to survive the first parliamentary sitting week.

In opposition Mr Turnbull said: “We will be completely transparent.”

Yesterday Mr Turnbull’s Department quietly updated its website to reject a freedom of information request for public access to the ‘blue book’ or incoming government briefs – the frank and fearless advice provided by the Department of Communications on how the Coalition’s policies would or would not work in practice.

“There is no reason why Ministers shouldn’t release their incoming government briefs unless they’ve got something to hide,” Mr Clare said.

“In Opposition Malcolm Turnbull said NBN Co was more secretive than the Kremlin and the Church of Scientology. Now he is in Government he is refusing to release the brief he was given when he became a Minister. Previous Ministers have done this and so should he. This is not the Government that they promised to be.”

Australians have a right to know what the government is planning, how it is going to happen and where cuts will be made.

“If Minister Turnbull believes that his policies are right for the nation then he should release the briefs today. Every day that he doesn’t release the documents shows that he is hiding bad policy that won’t work,” Ms Rowland said.