Turnbull’s NBN cuts leave Brisbane Northside residents in limbo

Shadow Minister for Communications Jason Clare and Federal Member for Lilley Wayne Swan today met with residents in Nundah, some of the 10,500 locals wiped off the NBN rollout map by the Coalition Government.


Last month the Coalition Government took 10,500 Northside homes and businesses off the NBN rollout map.

“Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull have pulled the plug on homes and businesses right across Brisbane’s Northside that were expecting to receive fibre to the home. This has left local residents in limbo,” Mr Clare said.

“Malcolm Turnbull is creating two classes of people here: those that will have fibre all the way to their homes and those that will not.”

Mr Swan said Northside residents did not want to be left behind.

“A lot of locals are really worried that the Coalition is not going to roll out the NBN in their area,” said Mr Swan.

“Our community should not be disadvantaged and forced to fork out up to $5,000 to have fibre connected to their home or business.”

“There was no warning, no apology and no real explanation from the Government about what is happening in our local area.”

“Malcolm Turnbull needs to explain to Northsiders, who had been promised the NBN, when they will be connected and what NBN model they will get.”

“Malcolm Turnbull is creating a digitally divided Brisbane – some Northsiders will have fibre all the way to their homes whilst others will be forced to make do with the Coalition’s second rate fibre-to-the-node model – and it simply isn’t good enough,” said Mr Swan.