Abbott Government set to break another election promise

Today the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age revealed secret advice from NBN Co to the Abbott Government that shows their second rate NBN plan is inadequate, poorly planned and unlikely to be completed on time.

The Abbott Government’s dodgy NBN plan is a second rate, out-of-date, copper wire network that will deliver slower speeds.

Before the election, the Coalition promised everyone in Australia would have access to 25 megabits per second by 2016.

The secret advice from NBN Co to Malcolm Turnbull says this is unlikely to be possible.

“Earlier this week they broke their promise to provide more funding to our schools. Now it looks like they are going to break another one. This time it’s their dodgy version of the NBN,” Mr Clare said.

“No wonder Malcolm Turnbull has refused to release this report. It reveals just how bad his policy is.”

“You can’t trust anything this Government says. The promises they have made on education, debt, boats, and now the NBN aren’t worth two bob.”

Today’s revelations come on the back of evidence yesterday from the Department of Communications to the Senate Select Committee on the NBN that the second rate Coalition NBN would provide slower speeds to consumers and revenues would be down, throwing the prospects for a commercial rate of return under the coalition model into disarray.

It was also revealed yesterday that up to 80 percent of the copper network the Coalition is proposing to use in their second rate model is being held together by plastic bags and rink-barked cables. The prospect of using this network to connect Australians to the NBN was described as a “fraud on the Australian taxpayer.”

“This is even more proof that the Coalition is not the government they told the Australian people they would be,” Ms Rowland said.