More damning evidence about Malcolm Turnbull’s dud NBN

Today the Senate Select Committee on the NBN uncovered more damning evidence about the Abbott Government’s second rate NBN plan.

This comes on the back of revelations in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age today that NBN Co had provided secret advice that the Coalition’s NBN plan is inadequate, poorly planned and unlikely to be completed on time.

Today Chairman and Acting CEO Ziggy Switkowski revealed that:

· He is being paid $800,000 a year to work three and a half days a week;

· The report of the Strategic Review will include “confidential information” and so it can’t be fully released;

· NBN Co has no idea how much Telstra’s copper, the vital component of their second rate network, will cost them and absolutely no data on which to assess the cost to acquire or maintain copper;

· He could not deny that Minister Turnbull’s old sailing buddy Mr Rousselot had told a room of NBN Co executives that they had to provide the report that the Minister wants;

· He had no knowledge of the recent work history of the executives he hired; and

· Construction activity had indeed commenced in the areas taken off the NBN Co map, but he could not confirm whether it would be completed, leaving up to half a million homes and businesses across Australia in broadband limbo.

“To top it all off, it was revealed that Dr Switkowski had once admitted that Labor’s fibre optic plan was a ‘good one’ and that an ‘all fibre network is a desirable endpoint,'” Ms Rowland said.