Government breaks another election promise

The Abbott government has today broken one of the most important promises it made before the election.


Before the election, the Prime Minister said:

“Under the Coalition, by 2016…there will be minimum download speeds of 25 megabits… We will deliver a minimum of 25 megabits…by the end of our first term.”

Today they have broken that promise.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull confirmed in the House of Representatives this afternoon that the Government would not deliver download speeds of 25 megabits per second by 2016.

“This Government has only been in office for three months and they’ve already broken promises left, right and centre: on debt, on education, on boats and now today on the NBN,” Mr Clare said.

“Australians want Labor’s NBN, not the Coalition’s second rate copper network that we now know won’t even meet the low expectations they set for it.”

“This broken promise will hang like an albatross around Malcolm Turnbull’s neck,” Ms Rowland said.

“This is unforgivable and the Government will be punished by the electorate for it.”

The Prime Minister has said: “I don’t intend on making promises that I won’t keep.”

“Well they have just broken a whopper,” Mr Clare said.

“It means that you can’t believe anything they say. It’s not worth two-bob.

“Yet again, the Coalition have shown the Australian people this isn’t the government they said they would be.