Tony Abbott about to break another election promise

Tony Abbott’s attack on the ABC is a premeditated plan to break another election promise.


Today it has been revealed that Tony Abbott plans to cut $223 million from the ABC’s budget.

Before the election Tony Abbott promised hand on heart “there will be no cut to the ABC”.

He said on SBS news the night before the election:

“No cuts to education, no cuts to health, no change to pensions, no change to the GST and no cuts to the ABC or SBS.”

Now it seems that is a lie. Tony Abbott is now laying the ground work to break his promise.

“This is an issue of trust. If Tony Abbott cuts the ABC’s budget it will mean he has lied to the Australian people again and it will show you can’t believe anything he says,” Mr Clare said.

Today the Sydney Morning Herald also exposed deep divisions in the Liberal Party between Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull. There is no love lost between these two men.

Today Malcolm Turnbull has used this issue to attack Tony Abbott. Malcolm Turnbull has to do more than just expose the flaws in Tony Abbott’s argument. He has to make sure the Government keeps its promise that “there will be no cuts to the ABC”.

After Tony Abbott cut down Malcom Turnbull in 2009, Malcolm Turnbull launched a scathing attack on the leadership of Tony Abbott. He said:

“There is a major issue of integrity at stake here. The Liberals should reflect very deeply on it… Many Liberals are rightly dismayed that… we are now without integrity. We have given our opponents the irrefutable, undeniable evidence that we cannot be trusted.”

If the Government breaks its promise on the ABC Malcolm Turnbull’s words from 2009 will ring true once again.