272,000 Australians tell Abbott they want Labor’s NBN

Shadow Minister for Communications Jason Clare today presented to Parliament the signatures of 272,000 Australians who want the Liberal Party to build Labor’s NBN instead of the second rate network they are proposing.

Before the election, the Liberal Party promised to build a second rate broadband network – a pale imitation of Labor’s National Broadband Network. Now they are not even doing that.

“The NBN is effectively dead. The Liberal Party is not building a National Broadband Network. They are building a series of different networks with different speeds, different capacities and different technologies,” Mr Clare said.

“Malcolm Turnbull calls his model the MTM – the Multi Technology Model. I suspect MTM will end up standing for Malcolm Turnbull’s Mess.”

Under Labor, 93% of Australian homes and businesses would receive a super-fast fibre broadband connection.

Under Malcolm Turnbull’s Mess:

  • 24% will get fibre to their home
  • 31% will get fibre to a box in the street
  • 11% will get fibre to a box in the basement of their apartment
  • 27% will get broadband from the Pay TV cable in their street
  • 4% will get broadband through fixed wireless; and
  • 3% will get broadband from satellite services.

“What kind of broadband you get is pot luck. It’s a lucky dip.”