Even Tasmanian Liberal Leader wants Labor’s NBN

Tasmanian Liberal Leader Will Hodgman has admitted the Federal Liberal Government’s betrayal of the people of Tasmania on the NBN could cost him the Tasmanian election.

At a press conference he was caught on a boom microphone speaking to one of his MPs about Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate broadband network. Mr Hodgman was heard saying: “It could cost us the election…anyway, that’s democracy.”

“Will Hodgman’s whispers speak volumes. Even he want’s Labor’s NBN,” Mr Clare said.

Before the Federal election, Malcolm Turnbull promised to honour existing contracts to build fibre to every home in Tasmania. Last week, they broke that promise.

“This is an incredible attack on the Abbott Government by one of their own. First Sharman Stone calls Tony Abbott a liar, now the Tasmanian Liberal leader attacks Malcolm Turnbull for the lies he has told the people of Tasmania on the NBN,” Mr Clare said.

“It is disappointing that Mr Hodgman won’t stand up for Tasmanians and make the same comments publicly that he mutters under his breath to his candidates.”

Tasmanians voted in the Federal Election last year thinking that regardless of the result, all homes and businesses in the state would get superfast fibre-to-the-premises broadband and not a second rate copper network. That has been shattered by the Liberals broken promises.

“If Mr Hodgman was interested in standing up for Tasmanians, he would tell Malcolm Turnbull to keep the promise he made before the election, honour existing contracts and roll out a full fibre network across the State,” Ms Collins said.

“Tasmanians have been lied to once about the NBN. A vote for the state Liberal party on March 15 will result in more of the same.”