Abbott’s cuts mean Western Australia will get a second rate NBN

Shadow Minister for Communications Jason Clare, Shadow Assistant Minister for Communications Michelle Rowland and Federal Member for Perth Alannah MacTiernan today met with Western Australians who will miss out on the real NBN and will have to rely on a second rate old copper system.

Tony Abbott has pulled the plug on homes and businesses right across Western Australia. Before the last election Tony Abbott deceived the people of Western Australia.

“Before the election he promised that all Western Australians would have access to the NBN by 2016. That’s now not going to happen. Just before Christmas the Liberal Government broke that promise,” Mr Clare said.

“Here in Perth Tony Abbott is creating two classes of people: those that will get the real NBN and those that won’t.”

“Under Labor all homes and businesses in Perth would have received fibre to their premises. Now only some homes and businesses will get this. Everyone else will have to rely on the second rate old copper system.”

“The NBN is now effectively dead. Some people will get the real NBN, others will get the second rate old copper system.”

“Tony Abbott seems to be stuck in the past. He wants to bring back knights and dames, but refuses to invest in things like the NBN which will set WA up for the future,” Ms Rowland said.

Ms MacTiernan explained that she had surveyed nearly 200 homes in her electorate and found disturbing differences between the internet speed that Malcolm Turnbull claims is available and the actual speed that locals can get access to.

“Mr Turnbull is deluding himself about the true state of the copper wire,” Ms MacTiernan said.

“A new survey of locals around Perth has shown the dilapidated state of the copper network that the NBN is now forced to rely upon.”

“Our survey shows that the actual speeds in all suburbs are far less than Mr Turnbull’s claim in his Broadband Quality and Availability Review.”

“Residents in many areas across the electorate report that even phone services over the copper wire are unreliable, and what limited internet is available drops out.”

“Our community should not be disadvantaged and forced to fork out up to $5,000 to have fibre connected to their home or business,” Senator Pratt said.