One year since Liberal lie on NBN

Today is the first anniversary of the famous press conference that Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull did with the life size hologram of Sonny Bill Williams.

At that Press Conference, the Prime Minister said:

“Under the Coalition, by 2016…there will be minimum download speeds of 25 megabits… We will deliver a minimum of 25 megabits…by the end of our first term.”

That promise didn’t last a year. The government announced it was breaking it just before Christmas.

He also said he was absolutely confident that 25 megabits is going to be more than enough for the average household.

The people of Australia might not have liked the Coalition’s second rate NBN plan, but they were told they would get it by 2016. They won the election and then broke their word.

In his first press conference as Prime Minister Tony Abbott said: “I don’t intend on making promises that I won’t keep.”

Well today we mark the first anniversary of a promise he never intended on keeping and he should wear the consequences of that at the next election.

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