Turnbull lies to Parliament on NBN

Malcolm Turnbull lied to the Parliament today.

Mr Turnbull was responding to a question from his own side asking what impact the NBN makes to Government debt.

The Minister replaced facts with an outright lie.

Mr Turnbull claimed that his revised NBN “would be over $30 billion dollars less expensive for taxpayers”. That is a lie.

The evidence is in black and white on page 7-21 of Budget Paper 1.

Last year’s budget showed that the Labor Government would allocate $30.4 billion in government equity to build the NBN. This year’s budget shows at page 7-21 of Budget Paper 1 that the Coalition Government will allocate $29.5 billion.

That’s a difference of less than $ 1 billion not $30 billion.

It seems Malcolm Turnbull’s boyhood dream to be a Hollywood actor is getting in the way of his day job as a Minister of the Crown.

Either that or he has a new strategy in his quest to take back the leadership, imitate Tony Abbott: lie and hope no one notices.

TUESDAY, 27 MAY 2014