Turn bull into truth

Malcolm Turnbull today showed that his grasp of NBN rollout figures is about as good as his ability to count to 50%+1 in the party room.

Disappointed to again be confined to the back half of Question Time so as not to outshine the lack-lustre Prime Minister, Turnbull stretched the rhetoric too far and told the Parliament a porky-pie.

The Minister said that NBN Co had met the fibre rollout target that he had set for them. This is not correct.

The truth is that in November last year Malcolm Turnbull said that 450,000 homes and businesses would be passed with fibre by the 30th of June 2014.

Instead NBN Co only managed to pass 381,146 premises – almost 70,000 short of Turnbull’s target.

Malcolm Turnbull needs to go back into the Parliament, correct the record and turn bull into truth.

MONDAY, 14 JULY 2014