Blundering Brandis should ask Malcolm ‘inventor of the internet’ Turnbull for help

Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus and Shadow Minister for Communications Jason Clare today called on Tony Abbott to bring Malcolm Turnbull into discussions on the Government’s controversial mandatory data retention plan.

Labor is concerned that Attorney-General George Brandis is out of his depth and doesn’t understand the policy he is charged with developing.

During an interview yesterday with David Speers on Sky News Brandis showed that has no idea what he is talking about.

He rambled, stammered and clearly fails to understand the concepts that underpin the scheme he is proposing to impose on Australians.

Malcolm Turnbull, the man that Tony Abbott believes “virtually invented the internet”, might need to be called in with a whiteboard and some butcher’s paper to give Brandis a lesson.

He might start by going into detail about the “very grave misgivings” that he had about mandatory data retention in 2012, describing it as “an effort to restrain freedom of speech.”

It is doubtful that Tony Abbott will give his vanquished leadership rival any more authority though.

The fact that Malcolm Turnbull was not even in the room when this policy was developed shows how isolated he has become.

It must be frustrating for Turnbull to be rolled by someone as ineffective and hopeless as Brandis – a man who must surely now be described as the worst Minister in a bad Government.