Melbourne’s West demand answers on NBN

Shadow Minister for Communications Jason Clare and Member for Gellibrand Tim Watts today called on the Abbott Government to tell the people of Melbourne’s west if they are going to get the real NBN or Tony Abbott’s second rate version and when they are going to get it.

Most residents have no idea when they are going to get the NBN or what they are going to get.

Malcolm Turnbull should be upfront with the residents of Melbourne’s west and tell them exactly when they are going to get the NBN and what version they will get.

The community wants answers. They want to know when and if they are going to get access to Labor’s super-fast NBN or whether they will be stuck with a second rate NBN that relies on the old copper network.

Jason Clare and Tim Watts met with representatives of local government and major community organisations concerned about the slow NBN rollout in Footscray and held a Facebook Q&A to answer questions about Labor’s super-fast NBN.

There is a real risk the Abbott Government will create two classes of people in Melbourne’s west – those who get the real NBN and those who don’t.