Jobs for the boys, bonuses for the boys and contracts for the boys

Malcolm Turnbull’s mates are the big winners from his 11 months in charge of the NBN.

It was revealed on Friday that NBN Co has doubled its spending on advisory fees in the last year as a result of Malcolm Turnbull putting his mates in charge of a number reviews focused on political payback.

Advisory fees have almost doubled in the last 12 months – up $34.7 million.

NBN Co executives in charge of the rollout of the NBN have also been paid large bonuses, despite the fact that the NBN is now rolling out slower than it was this time last year.

NBN Co’s key executive in charge of the rollout was awarded a six month bonus of $217, 900.

As revealed last week, in the 10 weeks prior to the election, the NBN rollout was passing an average of 4,290 brownfields premises per week and the 10 week average has now plummeted to 2,707 premises per week.

NBN Co’s key executive in charge of the negotiations with Telstra was also awarded a bonus of $104,600 despite the fact this agreement is now more than two months late.

The NBN Co board has also awarded a contract to one of its own board members.

Justin Milne, who was hand-picked to go on the NBN board by Malcolm Turnbull, owns 100% of a company called Cocomilne Pty Ltd. It has been revealed that this company was given $60,000 of taxpayers’ money during the year.

It is now almost a year since Malcolm Turnbull took responsibility for the NBN. In that time all we have had are broken promises and delays, jobs for the boys and political payback and Australians are paying for it.