Leaked documents show Labor’s NBN can be rolled out cheaper and quicker

Labor’s superfast NBN can be rolled out cheaper and quicker than Malcolm Turnbull has claimed, according to leaked documents revealed in The Age today.

Leaked documents from NBN Co, dated last month, reveal that in Melton, Victoria, NBN Co has rolled out Fibre-to-the-Premises, Labor’s world-class version of the NBN, 50 per cent cheaper and 61 per cent faster than it has been rolled out in comparable suburbs in Victoria.

Malcolm Turnbull’s Strategic Review and Cost-Benefit analysis both assumed that the cost of rolling out FTTP was going up and the rollout was taking longer.

These leaked documents reveal that in fact it is getting cheaper and quicker to roll out Fibre-to-the-Premises.

Fibre is getting cheaper and quicker to roll out because of changes to the construction model put in place by the NBN Co Management and Board last year – the people Malcolm Turnbull sacked.

Malcolm Turnbull has previously said:

“We know that fibre-to-the-premises is the best technological solution and if you can build it cost effectively you should do so. If we’re able to build more of it cost effectively then we would do so.”

NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow has also said:

“If we have more opportunity to do [FTTP] than using fibre to the node, you can bet we will.”

Now we have evidence that fibre-to-the-premises, the real NBN, can be rolled out cheaper and quicker. Turnbull should put politics aside and give Australians the NBN they want, need and deserve.