Memo to Malcolm: The future is here, build the NBN

Statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics today demonstrate that the reliance of Australians on the internet is growing by the day, providing more evidence that Australia will be left behind if Malcolm Turnbull’s second-rate copper NBN gets the green light.

The ABS has released a report that confirms Australians downloaded nearly one million terabytes of data via broadband in the three months to June this year – a 16 percent increase on the three months to December last year.

Broadband download volumes are now ten times greater than they were five years ago and have been increasing at an average rate of 26 percent every six months.

The amount of data you can download is dependent on your connection speed.

The speeds Malcolm Turnbull can guarantee on his second rate copper NBN are much slower than what is possible on Labor’s real NBN.

The ABS statistics also demonstrate that reliance on fixed broadband is increasing relative to mobile connections. Three years ago, 93 percent of data downloaded was on fixed lines. Today, that number is closer to 97 percent.

If we want to set Australia up for the future, we need the real NBN not a second rate copper version.